Welcome to my new website!

Hello and welcome.  As my first post here,  just a few words about my work and what I do.

 First and foremost, I am an artist.  Mostly a painter and illustrator, but sometimes I create jewelry.  I have been doing this since I was old enough to hold a pencil and make delightful marks onto a surface.  I took private art lessons during my elementary school years from a great artist named Jorje Imana.  Not only is he still my mentor, but I consider him a second father to me, that of my artist life.  

The jewelry, just something I do to "rotate the crop".  I started doing it about six years after graduating from college.  I got my degree in an art history, and realized I was beginning to forget some things.  The jewelry keeps that information and inspiration alive for me.  Once in a while, I like to build models, too.  This is as far as my three dimensional talent goes.  

I also do bookkeeping for creative types,  I found I was good at it, a left brained activity, so I incorporated it into helping other creative, right brained people with it in their businesses.   And I read science fiction, am learning to rebuild a car, garden a bit, attend rock concerts and otherwise have a pretty normal life.