Alex Grey In:Sight Workshop

Last fall I had the fortunate opportunity to attend an artist workshop given by Alex and Allison Grey.  Alex Grey has long been one of my favorite contemporary artists and doing this had been on my bucket list for a few years.  I would save money and try to find the time it would take to fly to Wappinger, NY, where they are usually held, but something always kept me from making it there and the cost of the workshop steadily rose making me think this was not going to happen for me.  

Then I saw the post on his newsletter about being in Nelson, B.C., just north of where I live by 10 hours!  I made my plans and drove north with my husband, mesmerized by the stunning October landscape of Canada.  We stayed at a quaint little hotel called Mountain Hound Inn just across from the Kootenay School of the Arts, where the workshop was being held.

The class was held the next day, seven hours straight of art making intensive.  Alex and Allison traded off talking and teaching about the history of visionary art, anatomy drawing, painting techniques and a group visualization which was quite a magic experience.  I have to say that one of the most pleasant surprises I had about the workshop was Alex's wife, Allison.  She and I had such a nice talk and she shared with me her personal sketchbook and materials she used.  She was so encouraging and kind.  There were about 35 artists in attendance and I think everyone left exhausted but on fire and fully inspired to take their work to a new level.  I could hardly sleep that night! 

As an artist, if you have not attended any workshops during your career since you left school, I highly recommend it.  Choose your teachers well.  The inspiration is well worth the money you spend.

Alex Grey teaching anatomy drawing at In:Sight Visionary Art Intensive.

Alex Grey teaching anatomy drawing at In:Sight Visionary Art Intensive.